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The price to photograph a horse is $90.00.

This is for two different poses, regardless of how many exposures it takes to obtain two images that meet my standards.

You can have as many poses as you wish or as you deem necessary, with each additional pose priced at $50.00

-OR- You can have unlimited poses for $175.00 per horse.

The reason I settled on two poses is that you generally don't need more than two poses for: sale horses, foals, broodmares, old pet riding geldings and photos of your children with their horses.

The obvious advantage to you, is that now you can afford to have professional quality photos of your brood mares and old riding geldings without having to mortgage your home.

This price includes the proof disk, from which you can purchase any size enlargements you choose.  For example an        8 X 10 photograph is $44.00.  You will be furnished a detailed price list of the images with the proof disk.

Travel expenses will be prorated on the number of horses, i.e. With 10 horses the travel will be divided 10 ways. If you have a neighboring ranch with 6 horses, the travel expense will be divided 16 ways.


There will be no booking fee!

There will be no day rate!

There will be no roll rate!

When you purchase any signed enlargement from the camera of Johnny Johnston; with that purchase goes the right of use. You can use it for advertising, web sites, posters, Christmas cards etc. Whatever you require! The photo is yours to use. NO FURTHER REMUNERATION IS NECESSARY!

My phone number is 425-885-9660. Call me, you’ll become acquainted with quality at a reasonable price.

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Now that you have looked at the price list, let's discuss how the costs really work: Let's say that you have four horses that you need photographs of for your web-site or for a magazine ad campaign. You live all the way across the country from Seattle, my home base.

As you now know (from reading the pricelist above), it costs $90.00 to photograph a horse (the camera fee) plus travel. Let's assume, for example, that airplane, rent a car and motel come to $800.00. Obviously the total cost will be $90.00 x four horses plus $800.00 for travel expense or $290.00 per horse. A LOT OF MONEY!

My suggestion to get the expense more in line is to line up the one, two or multiple horse owners in your region to share the travel expense. Say you have a cousin with a couple of Appaloosa's, neighbors with Quarter Horses, several friends with Arabians or Morgans, Saddlebreds, Friesians or Minis.

All told you manage to line up 10 horses total. The travel expense is now $80.00 per horse plus the $90.00 camera fee for a total of $170.00 per horse. Other ranches in the area (within 150 miles) that you book or I book add up to another 10 horses for a total of 20 horses. Now the travel expense becomes $40.00 per horse for a total of $130.00 per horse. The more horses l photograph in an area, the less the expense per horse!

Herder Arabians, for example, sometimes lines up thirty horses. The Herders also pick me up at the airport, (no rent-a-car expense) and they let me use their guest room so there is no motel expense. I have photographed their group for as little as $107.00 a horse.

Be sure and book your ranch, group or club as far in advance as possible in order to obtain the dates most suitable for your ranch or group.

Call Johnny Johnston at: 425-885-9660, you'll be real glad you did, especially if the lady of your house makes a good meatloaf!