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       Johnny Johnston
16541 Redmond Way , #358-C
Redmond, WA  98052-4482

Over the past years Johnny has travelled internationally, photographing  some of the finest horses.  He
focuses on the visual nature of the horse to find new ways to capture their beauty.  "A horse photographer
needs to be infinitely flexible and very ready to catch the  incredible things that horses do.  They do
every kind of thing in every kind of light.  You develop a sense . . . and you're already shooting 'em
before it actually happens"  His techniques, in a large way revolutionized the field of horse photography
and Johnny was rewarded with a high percentage  of  exceptional photographs.   However, it is being
 in the presence of the horse that truly matters to Johnny, his photographs are not only a tribute to the
elegant animal, but an exploration of the finely turned relationship between the eye of the artist and
the spirit  of the living creature he studies.
"I don't like to get too far away from 'em - I just like 'em! "



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